Bơm định lượng Pulsafeeder series E plus

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Bơm định lượng Pulsafeeder series E plus

 Lưu lượng max: 94.6 lít/h

Áp lực max: 21 bar

Công suất: 130W/220V/50Hz

Những đặc tính cơ bản của bơm định lượng Pulsafeeder series E plus

The PULSAtron Series E Plus pump features an automatic control available with 4-20 mA DC direct or external pacing, with stop function. It also offers manual control by on-line adjustable stroke rate and stroke length.

Series E Plus contains a highly reliable timing circuit as well as circuit protection against voltage and current upsets. This pump features solenoid protection by thermal overload with auto-reset.

Nineteen distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 300 psig (21 bar) @ 3 gpd (0.5 lph), and flow capacities to 600 gpd (94.6 lph) @ 30 psig (2 bar), with a turndown ratio of 100:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within +/- 2% of maximum capacity.

As with Series E, our guided check valves, with their state-of-the-art seat and ball designs, provide precise seating, and excellent priming and suction lift characteristics. Our timing circuit is highly reliable and, by design, virtually unaffected by temperature, EMI and other electrical disturbances.

A variety of chemicals can be pumped by Series E Plus. Liquid end materials include glass-filled polypropylene (GFPPL), PVC, styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), PTFE, CSPE a generic formulation of Hypalon®, Viton®, ceramic, alloys and 316SS.


  • Agency Approved
  • Panel Mounted Fuse
  • Panel Indicator Lights
  • Safe & Easy Priming


Để được tư vấn thêm về bơm định lượng Pulsafeeder series E plus liên hệ ở đây. Hotline: 0977459400

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